Diagnosis and treatment of various Skin, Hair and Nail disorder of all age groups and genders.

     Common Aesthetic Concerns -

  •  Pigmentation
  •  Acne
  •  Scars / Open Pores
  •  Warts / Skin Tags
  •  Hairfall
  •  Patterned Baldness
  •  Scaly Scalp
  •  Dullness / Tanning
  •  Loose, Saggy Skin
  •  Unwanted Facial/Body hair

  Pigmentation means darkening of skin due to various causes on face or other body parts which does not fade away on it's own in one month's time.

  Acne or pimples can vary from black / white heads to boils to cystic lesions on face and upper trunk

  Atrophic scars/open pores secondary to trauma, acne, chickenpox etc. can become resistent to treatment if not addressed in time. Scars can also be raised and known as keloids.

  Warts are viral infection and skin tags are benign growth of skin. These conditions are easily treatable. Sometimes they warrant internal tests.

  Hairfall can occur after a period of illness, stress, childbirth, surgery or due to hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies. Correct identification of cause is crucial for futher treatment.

  Patterned baldness or Androgenetic alopecia is when a person lose hair density, ultimately leading to baldness in either male or female pattern.

  Scaly and itchy scalp can be due to various conditions from dandruff to Seborrheic dermatitis to psoriasis. Correct diagnosis is important for management.

  Dullness of face is common owing to present day lifestyle patterns, lack of sleep, stress etc.

  As the age progress, the collagen and elastic fibers of skin reduce along with the fat supporting our skin. This leads to looseness and sagging of skin.

  Unwanted hair growth on face/body requires regular salon visits, painful and expensive treatments. Unwanted facial hair may require hormonal evaluation.